Vintage Upcycled Poison Ivy Coasters

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This item was a custom order, specifically requested by customer to celebrate the original appearance of Poison Ivy. The items were made with the actual pages from Batman 181 (June 1966) and Batman 183 (August 1966). Once he was happy with the panels to be used on the coasters; I set out to cut the artwork. Cutting 46 year old comic pages is tricky, the papers texture was close to gift tissue – and I didn’t want to tear it. The cut panels are then attached to the stone (in this case travertine) and sealed. The sealer also has an almost magical way of pumping up the colors of artwork, and on these vintage pages – the colors are more beautiful and intense than they’ve probably ever been.

I love that these coasters can encapsulate the comic pages, and show off the classic artwork in a beautiful, yet functional way.



  • Laura Longtine-Rosado


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