After Ever After


You know those amazing couples in your life? The ones that never fight, never bicker, never do anything but be perfect and perfectly wonderful for each other?
Yeah. Me neither. So why are they in so many movies? Specifically those that start with “Once upon a time” and end with “ever after”?

This web series explores the intersection of beloved fairy-tale couples with modernity, and all of its many issues. After the glamour of the ball and subsequent wedding have faded, you discover your prince has bad morning breath and a shoe fetish, or your princess is addicted to social media. Maybe we shouldn’t have married so soon? But here comes help, in the form of Dr. Greer, therapist to the (make-believe) stars. Let’s just hope she can stay sane while counseling the victims of these flawed romantic paradigms.


  • Director: Joe Pickard
  • Writer: Leah Franqui
  • Producer: Victoria Frings
  • Camera: Corey Eisenstein
  • Gaffer: Tank Rivara
  • Key Grip: Alex Nelson
  • Sound: Brian Neris
  • 1st AC: Tony Segreto
  • Aurora: Alex McKenna
  • Phillip: Dan Amboyer
  • Dr. Greer: Victoria Frings


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