Alysa Avery

Posted In Art & Craft

I am a freelance artist from southern Maine with a BFA in illustration. I graduated from the Maine College of Art in 2011 and have been freelancing ever since. I predominantly work in Photoshop, but I am also well versed in traditional medias as well, including pen and ink and oils. I freelance in all sorts of areas, which include makeup and costume design/creation for local theaters, concept art, wedding invitations, portrait painting, and prop making.

I have many hobbies, all of which involve something nerdy. I have been called a geek on many occasions. I love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and anything involving superheroes. My childhood hero was Catwoman. And I own many, many action figures. One might call me “just one of the guys.”

When I am not creating art and working on commissions, I am usually found making costumes and props for my cosplaying hobby. I love making and wearing new costumes, making every day Halloween. I don’t think someone should need an excuse to play dress up.


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