Blood of the Werewolf

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White Knuckle Platforming Action! Coming soon to PC and Console

We were a proud race once… one with Mother Earth. We lived off her land and drank from her waters. And when the moon was full, we were free from the shackles of humanity and given one night to embrace the beast within.

This power made other men fear and hate us. They believed us to be savages, unfit to live… And so they killed us without mercy. Still, we survived. We hid among the humans, keeping our families close. But, as time passed, the Angel of Death took more of us.

Soon, there was only your father and I left. I loved your father, Nickoli… and he loved me. Then you came along, and we were happy. You have brought us such joy, Nickoli.

But they have taken you from me. They murdered your father and took you from our home. But fear not, my child, I am coming for you… And before the moon gives way to the sun, their blood will stain the streets. Their entrails will spill from their bellies. Nothing will keep me from you, Nickoli. My rage is great, my demand for vengeance righteous. Hell will be filled with the souls of those that would keep you from me.



  • Scientifically Proven
  • Selena voiced by Erin Cummings


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