Donna Ricci / Clockwork Couture

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A forwards fashion that harkens to the past, steampunk is at the heart of Clockwork Couture’s offerings. We started in 2008 with $500 and a garage and grew a movement. through my deep appreciation for the Victorian design aesthetic I wanted Clockwork Couture to be fashion that filled people with feelings of empowerment and adventure and didn’t just emulate mainstream fashion. I’m an eternal optimist with a desire to leave the planet better than when I entered it. Because it’s a core foundation of my being, and not simply a branding decision, it is a law that molds each decision made. From our cruelty-free fabrics, to our lack of weapons at the shop, we have an unshakeable knowledge about what Clockwork Couture is.

Because of my belief that a business has an obligation to the surrounding community, we have a foster room for adoptable pets, a community center that is free to use for those promoting arts, education or entertainment, and monthly craft fairs to show off local artisans.

I hope that if nothing else, you’ll stop by our T.A.R.D.I.S., join us for a table top game or two, and see what we’re about.



  • Head designer: Donna Ricci
  • Head Milliner: Shurie Southcott
  • Corsettiere: Karin McKechnie
  • Store Manager: Josefine Buchanan
  • Sanity Checker: Joshua Watts


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