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Comics Grinder is one of the best kept secrets in comics and geek culture blogs! And it’s about time for a big shout out! We are having a lot of fun bringing you insights and features you will only find at Comics Grinder like exclusive interviews with science fiction writing legend George Clayton Johnson. Or how about Nickelodeon’s own Martin Olson (Hunson Abadeer “King of the Nightsphere”) and Olivia Olson (Marceline, the Vampire Queen)! And cartoonist legend, the creator of BONE, Jeff Smith! And, of course, we have a wide assortment of reviews covering all genres and featuring artful and intelligent comics.

At Comics Grinder, Henry Chamberlain gives it his all, as both a fan and a creator of comics, art, and fiction. With Henry, you get a personable and insightful host that guides you through the art and writing that makes for great comics, as well as movies, and various related subjects.

Henry: You bet, I am especially invested as both a fan and a creator. I do my best to guide my audience using my background as a longtime creator of comics in the Seattle independent scene. I am honest with my views and I do my best to share stuff that an actual human being is interested in, with particular tastes and quirks.


Henry Chamberlain


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