Complete Works

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Complete Works is a new 5-part comedy series set in the world of a collegiate Shakespeare competition. Hal, a Shakespeare-obsessed Midwesterner, makes it to the finals only to discover that even theater geeks can be cutthroat. Complete Works was independently-produced and premiered on Hulu on April 23, 2014, in tandem with Hulu’s celebration of Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday. With a budget culled from credit cards and Indiegogo funds, the series hails from first time writer-directors Joe Sofranko and Adam North, and was created and produced by Sofranko, North, and Lili Fuller. The story was inspired by Sofranko’s real experience winning the 2004 National Shakespeare Competition at Lincoln Center. After over three years of hard work and perseverance, they are happy to have finished and released the show and hope to reach audiences of Shakespeare geeks and comedy fans alike.



  • Creators / Executive Producers: Lili Fuller, Adam North, and Joe Sofranko
  • Writers: Joe Sofranko and Adam North
  • Directors: Joe Sofranko and Adam North
  • Producer: Giancarlo Balarezo
  • Produced In Association With: ETC Theatre Company
  • Post Producer: JJ Geiger
  • Music: Michael Kramer
  • Director of Photography: Ben Winchell
  • Production Designer: Alicia Papanek
  • Editors: Ben Baudhuin, Cassandra Chowdhury, James Lee Hernandez, Q Heinrichs, Nadav Itzkowitz, and Joe Sofranko
  • Colorist: Ayumi Ashley
  • Sound Editor / Re-Recording Mixer: Xander Lott
  • Graphic Design: Nicole Jaffe
  • Starring: Joe Sofranko, Kevin Quinn, Lili Fuller, Chase Williamson, Ben Sidell, Lizzie Fabie, Alex Skinner, Michael Keenan, Laurie O’Brien, Daniel Montgomery, Jessica Pennington, Robert Merrill, Jason Greene, and Vicki Lewis


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