Crit Juice


Crit Juice is a podcast series following professional actors & comedians playing Dungeons and Dragons while under the influence.

“If you’ve never experienced a game of D&D before, this would be a great place to get started.
…the enthusiasm of the Crit Juice crew is infectious.”
– A Guide to Geekdom

“Whether you’ve been rolling d20s since you were a teenager, or don’t know what a d20 is,
CritJuice is the perfect blend of imagination, comedy and alcohol.”
– The Geek Forge

“When a group of Los Angeles comedians get together to play D&D and drink large
quantities of alcohol, it’s more than just the dice that are rolling.”
– Continue Magazine

“Whether it’s the “juice” or the players involved, they apparently got the magical
formula just right for a hilarious podcast.”
– Game Knight Reviews

“These guys take their game playing and their drinking seriously…
Their dynamic and chemistry is undeniable.”
-Nerd Titan



  • Creator/Executive Producer: Matt Buchholtz
  • Creative Producer: Terilynn Troxell
  • Producer: Brianne Richard
  • Talent: Matt Cook
  • Talent: Daniel Acker
  • Talent: Tom Fonss
  • Talent: Gary M Soldati
  • Talent: Brian McGrath
  • Talent: Matt Buchholtz
  • Dungeon Master: David Crennen
  • Intro Voiceover: JaKe McNinch
  • Submissions: Our Awesome Fans


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