CruZader™: Agent of the Vatican


TAGLINE: Aliens. Prophecies. Sinners & Saints.

LOGLINE: A reluctant exorcist is retrained as a holy hitman for the Vatican against his will; he must embrace his destiny in the face of an apocalyptic prophecy.

SYNOPSIS: What drives this supernatural, action-adventure tale is the inner conflict that CruZader™ suffers as a result of the violent duties he carries out on behalf of the Vatican. There is a ton of strain and tension in his relationship with his boss: none other than the Pope himself. The titular character keeps a very explosive secret from the Pontiff, which adds to the intrigue and payoff of this complete story arc bound in a handsome, laminated hardcover format.

DISTRIBUTION: Only 10% of comics and graphic novels submitted to Diamond Comics Distributors are accepted – and Omar Morales’ CruZader made it in on its first submission. CruZader solicited via Diamond in July 2014 and was released around the world in the Fall of 2014. At the same time that print copies released, it also released in a digital format on – the premier distributor of digital comics around the globe. Morales also distributes signed copies of the graphic novel directly via: appearances at comic cons, book signings at comic book shops, and his website.


On August 30th, 2014, CruZader entered the hallowed halls of the Guinness World Records for the “Largest Comic Book Published.” As stated at the Guinness website: The largest comic book published is chapter one of the graphic novel CruZader™: Agent of the Vatican by Omar Morales (USA) with a size of 60.96 cm by 94.46 cm (2 ft by 3 ft 1.19 in). It was measured in Fremont, California, USA, on 30 August 2014. It is 28 pages, in full color, printed in the USA.

I’ve sold copies of the giant-sized book at comic cons, and it is on display at the world famous Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash comic book shop, featured on AMC TV’s “Comic Book Men.” I do have one copy of the giant, poster-sized book that I keep for publicity, appearances and book signings. It’s great for fan selfies!


CruZader raised over $11,000 ( top 10% of all campaigns) for printing, shipping and distribution on the popular crowdfunding site, In fact, one of his backers was Geekie Award Winner George Wassil – and in return, Omar backed his “Oh Hell!” campaign. Pledges came in from all over the world and helped put CruZader on the map in the geek community.


“I highly endorse CruZader … Frickin’ order it.” – Ming Chen, AMC TV’s Comic Book Men

“It’s very cool … I have never seen that before in a comic book.” – Mike Zapcic, I Sell Comics Podcast recorded at Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash

“If CruZader was a video game, I would play it. If this was a movie, I’d see it in IMAX 3D … For now I’ll be satisfied with adding this to my Comic Book shelves.” – Matt Lune, RhymesWithGeek.Com

“It’s a ton of fun … there are Draculas, there are super-sonic jets, and the spear of destiny shows up too.” – Chris Sims, Comics Alliance

“It blends religion with sci-fi and action … a recipe of awesomeness.” – JC De La Torre, Creator/Writer -Star Mage (IDW)

“I really enjoyed CruZader and it is on my shelf right next to my Doctor Who! One of my favorite books that I have read this year.” – Davidson L. Haworth, Author – The Defenders of Prali

“It was great! It definitely lived up to expectations … a top notch job all around with the writing, format, paper quality, and the art was outstanding as well.” – David Lemieux, Kickstarter customer


This 144-page, full-color, mature readers graphic novel comes in a laminated hardcover format and retails for $19.99. Order at your local shop with Diamond Comics Order # JUL141266; digital format is available at ComiXology.Com; and you can order direct for a personalized, signed copy from Omar Morales at



  • Publisher/Creator/Writer: Omar Morales
  • Cover Art: Paul Gulacy
  • Interior Art: Joel Cotejar
  • Colors: Mike Dolce
  • Letters: Jaymes Reed
  • Logos/graphics: Etienne Andlau
  • Copy Editor: Joel Edelman


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