Drifter: Broken Road

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Five years after a brutal second civil war, a figure known as Drifter befriends the owners of a trading post on her trail to revenge.



  • Writer/Director/Producer: Jason Brasier
  • Executive Producer: Christopher Johnson
  • Executive Producer: Brittney Greer
  • Director of Photography: Christopher Johnson
  • Edited By: Christopher Johnson
  • Original Music By: Michael Brasier
  • Costume Design: Ryan Piotrowski
  • Set Design: Kat Trussler
  • Second Camera Operator: Babette Rickett
  • Assistant Director: Andrew Grattendick
  • Second Assistant Director: Jennifer Silvey
  • Sound Recordist/Boom Operator: Anthony Carter
  • Stunt Coordinator: Ryan Shields
  • CAST: Vanessa Leinani – Drifter; Hannah Duncan – Emily; Ryan Smith – Ed; Dale Gehris – Agent Sands; Nick Herra – Gunpowder; Ryan Shields – Drain; Todd Hansard – Cottonmouth; Rodney Wiseman – Moses Breckenridge; Jerry-Mac Johnston – Henry Longabaugh; Jason Brasier – Carson Roberts, Kevin Keppy – Lone Cannibal; Zac Rantz – Eli; Angel Gonzales – Liza; Michael Brasier – Barbarian 1; Scott New – Barbarian 2; Andrew Long – Barbarian 3


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