Guards of Dagmar: Turn Your Attention Part 1


Our story starts with Tom who has given up his dreams to be a star chef and takes a job as a cafeteria cook in a residency for the developmentally and intellectually disabled. There he’s met by Daniel, a lifelong resident of Dagmar who witnessed the choking death of his friend during lunch time. Daniel is convinced monsters killed his friend and now stands guard during every lunch trying to prevent the same fate from happening to anyone else.

Tom’s arrival on the scene and his determination to change the residency’s menu has Daniel convinced Tom is a new Guard sent to Dagmar to help protect them. And when Tom witnesses some unexplained events, including the sudden appearance of a mysterious woman, his skepticism about the monsters of Dagmar starts to turn to fear that Daniel may be right.



  • T. Cesa Ward: Writer
  • Joe Badon: Illustrator, Color
  • Leigh Walls: Inks


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