Horror Hotel Web Series

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Horror Hotel is an anthology web series with intriguing short stories inspired by The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock. Genre’s span sci-fi/fantasy, mystery and suspense all set in the backdrop of a seedy hotel on the outskirts of nowhere. Guests at the hotel include aliens, androids, ghosts, gangsters, psychotic killers and more. Plots center on the less than desirable human nature like lust, greed, vanity and obsession. Expect twisted plots and unexpected endings with a complete top to bottom story in each episode. Horror Hotel was filmed on a custom built set in the producer’s home basement and utilized over 80 cast and crew members including local area film students and film school graduates along with the help of industrial professionals. It was a large collaborative effort designed to showcase the talents of everyone involved.

Horror Hotel was created by Ricky Hess, an award winning costumer designer and special effects artist. Ricky has worked in independent filmmaking in the Atlanta, Georgia area for a number of years. His credits include other web series, commercials, short films and feature films. Horror Hotel is a family project with Ricky’s mom, Debbie, as Executive Producer and his dad, Al, as writer and overall craftsman.



  • Director: Ricky Hess
  • Director of Photography: Torey Haas
  • Sound Mixer: Quyen Tran
  • Writer: Al Hess
  • Executive Producer: Debbie Hess
  • Visual Effects: Jeremy Harris
  • Visual Effects: Vincent Aiuto
  • Visual Effects: Ricky Hess
  • Make-Up: Ricky Hess
  • Special Effects: Al Hess
  • Editor: Ricky Hess
  • Score: Debbie Hess
  • Set Photographer: Matthew Wong
  • Costumes: Al Hess
  • Marie Barker: Actor – Skinny the Android
  • Johnny Harvill: Actor – Merle Simkins
  • Ronny Mathew: Actor – Saul Kaplan
  • Tanner Gould: Actor – 1st Nazi
  • Nathan DeRussy: Actor – 2nd Nazi


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