Infinite Issues

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From Mongrel Studios, Infinite Issues is a comedy web series about comic shop regulars mixing work and play – and the chaos that follows.

Becca Herrera (Rebecca Teran) can’t complain – she works at a comic shop, her best friend Tom (Quinn Allan) is a comparable geek and she just maybe-sorta-could be on the cusp of a normal-ish relationship. Stacked against the eccentric regulars she’s charged with keeping in order at the Altered Egos comic shop, she’s almost convinced she has her act together.

The next three days will change her mind.

A geeky mash of raunch and absurdity, Infinite Issues‘ three-episode pilot story arc focuses on the midnight release party for a popular trading card game that Becca is compelled to host at the shop. But the event is destined for disaster as Becca, Tom and the Altered Egos regulars all try to mix their social lives with their gaming lives – with explosive results.



  • Creator, Writer, Director, Executive Producer, Assistant Editor: Jared Yanez
  • Creator, Producer: Quinn Allan
  • Producer, Lighting Director, 2nd Camera: Jeff Hammond
  • Associate Producer, Director of Photography, Editor: Zach Carter


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