Lifted Geek


We are geek for we are many. Lifted Geek is like a blog and a magazine (a blogazine if you will), our purpose is to uplift geek culture and have an awesome time doing so. We cover all manner of geek culture from the conventions we attend to the video games we play. Our site features a myriad of subjects and topics, in a sense we want to be able to cover all things geek and decided on a wide net of pretty much everything. Unlike other blogs that may focus on just gaming or comics, tech or cosplay, we try to cover it all. We feature crafts, fashion, and even a cat dressed up in costumes (dedicated to his very own department). Rather than just consuming this subculture we love, we want to be able to contribute to it as well. A lifted geek does more than just enjoy, they create.



  • Co-Founding Editor: Justin “PRINCE” Macandog
  • Co-Founding Editor: Lillian “RIRI” Wong
  • Videographer: Lauren Macandog
  • Writer: Jay Hammon
  • Writer: Gira “Mistress” Van Buren
  • Writer: Kathy “KAZE~” Lor
  • Photographer/Writer: Chris Kwock
  • Writer: Trisha Frazier
  • Writer: Omar Castillon
  • Photographer: Benito Vasquez
  • Ambassador: Lashonne “Xerxes” Wells
  • Mascot: Focused Ion Beam (FIB the cat)
  • Contributor: Marc Morin
  • Contributor: Tamara Carrion


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