Manigances: Notice Rouge

Posted In Web Series

The 2nd season picks up 10 months after the events that concluded season one. Jonathan Brière must face his demons. Find the person responsible for the death of his friend and colleague Dan Portal. With the help of a new teammate, Alex Dubois, our hero must interrogate and protect three key witnesses … A game of cat and mouse begins between police and suspects … Seedy hotel … surveillance cameras … an assassin called « the Hand » … Who will crack first? Who will die? 72 hours to find the truth.



  • Director: Isabel Dréan
  • Producer: Simon Côté
  • Writer: Ghislain O’Prêtre
  • Music: Jérôme Boisvert
  • Editing: Maxime Poirier
  • Director of photography: Jérôme Hof


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