My Ruined Life

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Retro Peel Productions presents the original, award-winning, comedy Web series MY RUINED LIFE. The series follows friends Brian and Eric as they relax on various city benches after work, comically discussing theories about their “ruined” lives. Every single episode is shot on a different bench, showcasing Philadelphia’s beautiful, diverse neighborhoods. MY RUINED LIFE stars actors Brian Cowden, Eric Wunsch, Kristen Egermeier and Greg Bailey. MY RUINED LIFE is written, directed and produced by Lee Porter. Enjoy all the laughs at Oh, and one more thing … Questlove tweeted about us. :)



  • Writer/Producer/Director: Lee Porter
  • Starring: Brian Cowden, Eric Wunsch, Kristen Egermeier & Greg Bailey
  • Editor/Assistant Director: Sean Huber
  • Directory of Photography: Nick Merola
  • Music: Nero Catalano
  • Sound: Matt Schimelfenig
  • Animation: Aaron Toaso
  • Makeup/Wardrobe: Kendall Currier
  • Script Supervisors/Production Assistants: Emma Baiada & Sammi Hershman
  • Security/Spiritual Guidance: Jeremiah Jancik


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