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The gods of mythology, still alive in the modern day, struggle with mortality, family, love, and fate. In the award-winning first season of Mythos, a mysterious conflict drove a wedge between Morgan (once known as Athena) and the other gods, sending her on the run with Pan, the Trickster. In “Sea and Sky,” she deliberates over her direction for the future, while the other gods deal with her foreboding absence from their ancient family.



  • Director: Miriam Pultro
  • Writer: Miriam Pultro
  • Director of Photography: Austin Kite
  • Composer: Brad Althouse
  • Producers: Miriam Pultro, Jael Golad, Tyler Herwick, Dan Wolpert, Kristina Bicking
  • Music Supervisors: Rob Gold & Joseph Miller
  • Starring: Miriam Pultro, Tyler Herwick, Mark Banik, Torri Yates-Orr, Jael Golad, Grace Gray, Drew Moore, Gary-Kayi Fletcher, David Michael Kirby


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