REDDIT 2 Sentence Horror Shorts


The YMM Podcast adapts some of the most popular REDDIT Two Sentence Horror Stories.



  • Director: Tito Guillen
  • Producer: Toddske
  • Make-Up: Ashley Laurenson
  • Lights/Grip: Steve Reeve
  • Narrator: Norm Sutton
  • Music: Anthony Hall
  • Digital Effects: Richard Baldonado
  • Special Thanks: Clinton Boucher
  • Actress: Iris Opal
  • Actress: Becky Blair
  • Actor: Kingston
  • Actress: Ashley Laurenson
  • Actor: Steve Reeve
  • Actor: Toddske
  • Writer: TheRealHatman (REDDIT User)
  • Writer: BlaqkMagick (REDDIT User)
  • Writer: AnarchistWaffles (REDDIT User)
  • Writer: JustAnotherMuffledVo (REDDIT User)
  • Director of Photography: Tito Guillen


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