Schmovie: The Hilarious Game of Outlandish Films

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What would you call an ACTION FILM about a KILLER SANDWICH? “Rye Hard”? “Breadator”? “You’re Toast” (starring Burnt Reynolds)? How about a SCI-FI about a MUTANT BOOGER? Or a ROMANTIC COMEDY about a CLUMSY PROCTOLOGIST? The object of Schmovie is to come up with funny titles for make believe movies based on a film genre (determined by the roll of a die), combined with an outlandish premise (established by flipping two cards). Each round, a Schmovie Producer selects his or her favorite title and awards a Schquid Trophy. First player to collect four Schquids wins!

One of the best things about Schmovie is it can be played family-friendly or for adults-only. When the Genre Die lands on the “?”, players may choose any genre… from Anime to Adult Film.

We also host a play-along Facebook page where we post rounds of the game. Each winner receives a custom, tricked-out digital Schquid Trophy with his or her name and title on it. To date, we’ve collected over 35,000 titles, created hundreds of Schquids, and amassed a cult-like following of 9,000 fans in half a dozen countries.

Number of Players: 3 or more
Age Range: 13 and up
Play Time: 35 minutes
Launch Date: Sept 2013
MSRP: $29.95



  • Creators: Sara Farber, Bryan Wilson
  • Publisher: Galactic Sneeze


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