Standard Action

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Standard Action is the fantasy-comedy webseries for geeks of all kinds! It follows four misfit adventurers who can’t quite find their place in normal adventuring society. Excluded and alone, they find each other, and set out on a quest that will test not only their fellowship, but everyone’s perceptions of what a hero should be!

With great writing, fantastic performances, ferocious monsters, and beautiful costumes and cinematography, Standard Action takes you on a hilarious, bumbling ride through the perils of low-level adventuring. Full of tongue-in-cheek humour, easter eggs and nerd culture references, this show caters to anyone who’s ever been part of a fandom, and anyone who’s found themselves rooting for the underdog.



  • Director: Rob Hunt
  • Writer: Joanna Gaskell
  • Producer: Joanna Gaskell
  • Actor: Joanna Gaskell
  • Actor: Daniel S. Johnston
  • Actor: Edwin Perez
  • Actor: Tara Pratt


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