The Care and Feeding of Nerds

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At The Care and Feeding of Nerds we work under our motto of “A Virtual Haven For Those of the Geeky Persuasion”. The idea is to provide a digital oasis that’s not just accepting and generally positive, but is also intellectually and/or creatively stimulating for those that visit us. It’s the games, comics, books and movies that sustain us, the hobbies that fulfill us, the science that challenges us, and a smidgen of discourse about how all these related and fit together to form the Voltron that is being a Nerd/Geek at present. Bonus: there’s sometimes literal food to accompany the metaphysical nourishment!

We also work with independent game developers via our Playtesting Lab to bring projects from conceptual to playable reality (and give the rest of us more awesome games!). Got a game? Tell us about it!



  • Kel: Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Contributing Author
  • GIR: Gaming Information Robot, Contributing Author
  • Elder Gias: Contributing Author


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