The Field Of Vision

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Adapted from the short story by world-renowned science fiction writer Ursula K. Le Guin, The Field Of Vision is about mankind’s pursuit of truth and the consequence of finding the answer. In an unknown future, a group of astronauts unearth evidence of an ancient alien civilization on Mars. Concealed within it is a truth so dangerous it threatens to change the world forever. On their return, a psychiatrist is brought in to assess the surviving crew, all of whom suffer from unexplainable physical disorders. What he discovers will shake his scientific and rational beliefs to the core.Some truths are better left unknown.

Filmed on Super 16mm, 8mm and VHS, The Field Of Vision was shot almost exclusively at the Beaconsfield Studios near London, England. As student of the National Film & Television School, it was the final graduation piece for most of those involved.



  • Writer/Director: Siri Rodnes
  • Original Story: Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Producers: Rob Watson & Caterina Boselli
  • Cinematographer: Stil Williams
  • Production Designer: Thomas Goodwin
  • Editor: Renata Czinkotai
  • Sound Designer: Mauricio D’Orey
  • Composer: Jon Wygens
  • VFX Supervisor, Online Editor & Colourist: Belgin Kaplan
  • Makeup & Hair Designer: Kari Rodnes
  • Costume Designer: Louise Cassattari
  • Starring: Raji James, George Anton, Leon Ockenden, Danny Webb, James Weber Brown, Charlotte Hayward, Rupert Holliday-Evans, Michael Mueller & Simon Dutton


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