We are a duo writing team with a focus in Screenplays (feature, short, and animation), Short Prose, and Comic Books (production, writing, adaptation, and lettering). We are based out of Austin, Texas, but collaborate with other artists on projects all over the World.

After one fateful encounter at a rare bookstore Wicker, a young outcast who prefers the fringe, is set on an adventure she never could have imagined. Unwittingly, she recites a spell from the Book of Shadows given to her by a witch, binding her soul to a wraith entity who was scouring the astral plane searching for his murderer. Now the two are one, and Wicker has no choice but to help the wraith right this wrong that occurred nearly a century ago in order to separate herself from this otherworldly stranger. Her badly burned body is host to two separate entities as she struggles to find her purpose in her daunting and quickly unraveling future.



  • Writer/Letterer: Darker Sho
  • Artist/Colorist: Marcelo Basile
  • Editor: June


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