Wish It Inc.

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Fairy Godmother has been granting wishes for ages, but these days nobody’s dreams come true without piles of paperwork and reams of red tape. Hannah, a non-magical girl, finds herself granting wishes alongside Shari; the gossiping genie, Travis; the uptight and envious fairy, Teddy; the handsome mail clerk, Yvette; the intimidating wish operator, JoJo; the boozing birthday clown, Wendy; the quirky dandelion intern, and Karla; the office punching bag from ad-sales.

This motley crew is in charge of granting- or denying- all of the wishes in the world. When a wish is made on a coin and tossed into a fountain, it is processed at the Wish It Inc. office and the money is kept to keep the company afloat. When Congress kills the penny, Fairy Godmother fears the magic will run dry and her company will be finished. Meanwhile, the gang discovers that The Oshi O-Mikuji Fortune Cookie Company, a rival organization, has deployed a spy amongst them in an attempt to destroy Fairy Godmother’s legacy.

This magical workplace comedy is brought to life by Ellen McLain (Portal, Pacific Rim) as the Fairy Godmother, Jessica Davis, Nick Celentano, Amber Ruffin (Late Night with Seth Meyers), Haley Mancini (Hulu’s The Morning After), Jessica Lowe (Blended), Jeff DeCrosta, Jr., Ben Palacios (Steam Room Stories), and Lena Thomas.



  • Writer, Executive Producer: Nick Celentano
  • Director, Executive Producer, Editor: Ryan Anthony Martin
  • Associate Producer: Mark Kirkland
  • Associate Producer: Leticia Kirkland
  • Associate Producer: Yosen Lin
  • Director of Photography: Cooper James
  • 1st AC & 2nd Camera Op: Santiago Bahti
  • Music: Ben Palacios
  • Production Coordinator: Jocelyn Davis


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