Zhon: The Alien Interviews

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Zhon: the Alien Interviews, the complete series.

A young looking man with special powers, claiming to be an ancient extra-terrestrial alien, turns himself in to the US secret service and demands to be interrogated. After demonstrating that he can disappear at will, he insists that he will only be interviewed by Amanda Bella, a beautiful TV talk show host. He begins to tell his version of Earth’s history. As the mystery of Zhon unfolds we start to discover who and what Zhon really is and why he turned himself in to the secret service. Is he truly an ancient alien who’s effected earths history in untold ways? Join us for this three season complete series. It’s time you knew the truth!



  • Co-Executive Producer/David Killjoy: Eric Schumacher,
  • Co-Executive Producer//Zhon/Fight Choregrapher/Dance Choregrapher: Robert Linden
  • Co-Series Director/ Agent Meyers: Tyrel Good
  • Co-Series Director: Alan WIlliams
  • Director of Photography: Thomas Castillo
  • Associate producer/Locations Manager: Gablielle Andres
  • Associate Producer/ Production Manager: Tina Huerta
  • Series Editor/Post Production Special Effects/Sound Design: Chris Valentine
  • Music Director/Lead Composer: Peter Gorritz
  • Co Series Writer: Marty Ketola
  • Co Series Writer: Clif Campbell,
  • Graphic Design/Boom Operator/Production Assistant: Kaleb Badger
  • Amanda Bella: Alida Gunn
  • Mindy Anne: Michele Holland
  • Section Chief Killjoy: Jeffrey Scotland
  • Agent Grey: Gary McGaha
  • Agent Blue: Styven Rosanelli
  • Boom Operator/Production Assistant/Grip: Aaron Kyle Lee
  • Costume Design/Catering/Craft Services: Ginger Ferguson
  • Distribution Partner: Pulp Gamer Media


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