Earth 2 Hub


Conceived in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil in 2009 and incorporated in London in October 2011, Earth 2 Hub™ gives new science and technology an immersive media platform that supports the interchange of ideas through engagement, participation and interaction. Presenting new scientific facts and futures, as they emerge, to a global community, Earth 2 Hub™ aims to be experiential and enabling, promoting innovative and far-sighted possibilities, supporting the community to break the boundaries of conventional thought, and to promote the adoption of new developments. Our team brings together international expertise in audio, visual and film art, science, sustainability, technology, design, media, communications and digital. Our model sits at the intersection of science fact and science fiction, applying the very latest creative technologies, including apps, CGI and augmented reality, to science to inject it with new life and alternative perspectives.

During its alpha phase, Earth 2 Hub™ launched a series of experimental media projects that included the short film Earth 2.0: Initialization, which premiered at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival in April 2011; Earth 2.0® magazine and blog, featuring interviews and guest contributions from pioneering thinkers in science, art and digital; #Earth2Chat exploring themes including pop-up cities, smart technologies and biomimicry; participation in several online media projects and events organised by members of our growing network of collaborators and partners. Behind the scenes, we spent several months researching and developing the projects and partnerships that we’re exploring in our beta phase, from March 2013 onwards. Embracing citizen science, DIY technology, 3D printing and crowd funding, we’re taking a hands-on approach to exploring the innovations that may help humanity to build a brighter future. Earth2Hub beta site brings together some of these developments and more, in a format designed to be inclusive, insightful and inspirational.



  • Mark Raimondeau, Head of Design, Earth 2 Hub
  • Frank Da Silva, Co-founder / Head of Creative, Earth 2 Hub
  • Melissa Sterry, Co-Founder / Head of Technology, Earth 2 Hub


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