Geek News Network


Geek News Network was founded in September of 2011. It started out as a podcast to talk about pop culture. We have evolved ever since now providing content in written news/reviews, photography, video, podcasting as well as having local affiliates across the west coast providing coverage of local events.

Moving forward, our goal is to continue to build GNN affiliates across the nation to bring local geeky news to a bigger audience. Our focus is on the local creators as they are the backbone of our community. So keep checking back as we continue to grow and provide more awesome content for you all to enjoy!!



  • Editor in Chief: Ashley Nyal
  • Director of Marketing: Shannon Shea
  • Director of Social Media: Desiree Ford
  • Director of TV/Movies: Jim Lincoln
  • Director of Gaming: Joshua Silverman
  • Director of Comics: Chuckie Valdez
  • Director of Books: Anneka Winder


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