The Wheel of Time Playing Cards

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For The Wheel of Time®, Robert Jordan created thousands of unforgettable characters – both good and evil – that fans have come to know and love. The Wheel of Time® Playing Cards bring over 60 characters to life through the breathtaking art of Ariel Burgess and are an essential addition to any fan’s collection. Every card features a different character or characters from the series. Ariel spent over 400 hours creating art for this project.

The “Collector’s Edition: The Wheel of Time® Playing Cards” comes in a double deck box, with a character list and two individually wrapped 54-card decks, so you can play with one and display or keep the other. A complete list of characters included in the deck can also be found at

A portion of the proceeds from each edition sold will be donated to Mayo Clinic to fund research on Amyloidosis, the rare blood disease that claimed Robert Jordan’s life in 2007.



  • Co-owner, Kiley Kellermeyer
  • Co-owner, Jeffrey Daniel
  • Co-owner, Sophie Decaudin
  • Co-owner, Elaine Brinson
  • Artist, Ariel Burgess


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