Frequently Asked Questions



The Basics

What are The Geekie Awards?

The Geekie Awards® is an award show by geeks for geeks™, celebrating the highest quality, indie-created geek-genre content, art, games and products in the world. 


Who are the awards for?

In an industry filled with award shows for established celebrities, we honor talented, up-and-coming creators and give them the opportunity to receive recognition in front of a worldwide audience and leaders in their respective industries. Through The Geekie Awards, creators get the publicity and media outreach needed to foster future success. We give 3 awards to top idols and industry leaders at the show.


What type of work can I enter?

We have 12 categories you can enter, each with a list of works eligible. 


When do submissions open? 

April 7th until June 14th, 2015. Fees increase each month, so we recommend you enter early. 

The best way to stay up to date is to subscribe to our newsletter.



Entering Work

Who enters work?

Creators or legal representatives enter their own work via our submission site. We do not take public nominations. 


Does it cost money? 

We charge a small fee for submissions.  Fees increase each month to promote early entry. Read our Terms for more information.


Can I enter more than one project?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted by any entrant, nor is there a limit to the number of categories you may enter. Each submission into a single category is considered one entry. 


How current does my work need to be to enter? 

We accept work created on or after June 30, 2013.


How do I know you received my entry?

Once you’ve submitted your work, you’ll get a confirmation email letting you know we’ve received your entry. Note: Because we allow folks to submit more than one entry, you’ll enter them one by one (receiving a confirmation for each) then you can pay for all entries at once in our system.

Your entries are not considered complete until we receive payment. (You will receive a second email confirmation once we do.)


When will My card / PayPal be charged?

After you’ve submitted your work, you’ll be asked to visit the “Pay Now” page (within the system) to pay for your entries. Similar to a shopping cart. Once you pay, PayPal will charge your card or remove funds from your account. You will receive a confirmation from our system as well as one from PayPal.


Can I change or withdraw my entry?

You can change information and media within any entry at any time prior to submitting and paying for your work. Once your entry is submitted, you are not able to make changes.

You may withdraw your entry at any time by emailing [email protected]. However, you will not receive a refund as entries are reviewed at any point following submission.


Are works created/published outside the U.S. eligible?

Yes. Works from any country in the world are accepted. You must submit your entries in English.


Why does my work have to be in digital format?

Our judges come from all over the world. So, we’ve built an online system for you to submit, and for them to view your work.  We will ask for direct URLs to most work, including video games hosted on another server. 


Where do you recommend I upload my short film, series or video?

We recommend YouTube or Vimeo, either public or password-protected. 


Do you take physical submissions? 

Only in the Tabletop Games category.


Can sponsors enter work?

Yes. Our judges do not work for the company producing the show; therefore, they have zero contact or communications with sponsors. No sponsor will receive special treatment when it comes to judging, period.




How do you choose categories?

We choose categories based on popular demand (i.e. the number of entries received and/or industry interest). We try to be fair to the many types of work we cover, which is why most of our categories are by “type” of work. A film, series, comic book, piece of art, etc. Because we do not cover just one type of work like many award shows do, we sometimes have to put work together into one category. For example, Art & Craft celebrates a multitude of art forms.


I don’t see a category that fits my work

Email us! The best way to get a new category created is by popular demand. Let us know what you have in mind. We save all suggestions, and review them prior to choosing categories for the following year. 


Where did ____ category go? You had it last year…

If we had a category in previous years that is not part of the current show, we most likely did not have enough entries or industry interest to keep it.


I’m confused as to which category I should enter

All categories clearly list the type of work we accept. In some cases, such as the Web Series category, we cover many different styles of shows, from scripted content to hosted series to how-to shows. At the end of the day, it’s up to each entrant to read our category requirements carefully and make the final decision. 

Note: If we feel your entry should be in another category, we will not disqualify you! We will move it for you during the judging process (as stated in our Terms).



Payment & Fees

How much is the entry fee? 

Fees are $45.00 from April 1 – April 30 and $65.00 from May 1 – June 14. 


What methods do you accept for payment?

We use PayPal for all payments

  • PayPal allows you to use your bank account or a credit card
  • You do not need a PayPal account — you can use the service as a guest


Why do you charge a fee and what is my money used for? 

The Geekie Awards is an indie-created show, just like your work. We are not part of or backed by a TV network or major studio. We raise funds ourselves through various means to be able to put on a killer show that brings enough media attention to make it worth it for entrants and everyone associated with the event to submit, attend and watch. Fees help cover various admin costs related to both submissions and the event, such as publicity and promotions, managing your submission through judging, nominations and the show itself.



Promoting your work

Like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see all social promotions. 


How do I get my work on your website?

Once you enter, you’ll receive an automated reply with a link to a form to fill out. Read Getting Your Work on the Website


I have not seen a post about my work on your Facebook?

We require you post your work on our website first, and then we use that link to publicize your entry on our social media sites. We do this because the public cannot see any entry within our secure submission system.

Note: Facebook does not always show you every post in your news feed. Be sure to view our Facebook page to see what’s being promoted.


My @TwitterName wasn’t tagged when you promoted my work?

We generally include the project/artist name and a link to your page on our website in all promotions. You have the ability to include your Twitter account there.




Who judges my entry?

We have put together a powerhouse group of nearly 70 amazing experts to score our entrants’ work. You can see all our Geekie Awards judges here. (The complete list will be up by the end of March.)


How is my work judged?

Each category is judged differently, depending on the criteria we provide our judges. View each category page on the right for criteria, or How it Works for more information on our process.


Do judges work together?

No. Each judge scores work on their own. Judges are not allowed to speak to or with with one another during the scoring process. 


Can I see judges’ scores and comments about my work?

No. Judge scores and comments are private and not released to the public or to any entrant. We realize this feedback may be valuable to you; however, by keeping comments private, we allow judges to be completely honest regarding their scores and decisions. 


Can judges enter work into The Geekie Awards?

Judges are creators too, so we allow them to enter any category they are NOT judging. Judges cannot enter and judge the same category.



Nominations & Awards

When will I find out if I’m a nominee?

We announce nominees in July. 


When will I find out if I win?

Winners are announced live on stage during the awards ceremony in October.


What happens if I am nominated?

All nominee names are released to the press and invited to attend the show. We post their work on our website in a special section and share it all over social media.


What happens if I win?

If you/your project wins, you’ll head up on stage and give a speech in front of our live audience and guests. This is your opportunity to be recognized while the world and a room full of your idols and industry leaders watch. 

Once you leave the stage, you’ll be guided by our PR team back onto the red carpet for additional photos with your trophy. When media attending the show publishes stories about the event, they usually include a list of our winners (this is up to each media outlet; we cannot control what they release).


Do you provide a publicist for nominees and winners?

Our publicity team is hired to manage The Geekie Awards, not individual nominees or winners. We bring in major press and help you coordinate your arrival on the red carpet (letting the press know you’re there); however, it’s up to each nominee/winner/their publicist to contact press in advance/after the show to take advantage of specific coverage. This is standard for any show.

Our team will provide you with any in-house photos taken of you after the show, as well as links to show clips. Please allow up to two weeks to provide media.



Awards Ceremony

When and where is the awards ceremony?

The 2015 show is in October in Los Angeles, CA. 


How do I get tickets?

We’ll post a link on our website when tickets are available.


What’s the award ceremony like? 

Fun, fun, FUN! We aim to make our show a combination of a live awards ceremony with the vibe of a comic book/tech convention, complete with live action stunts, fun videos and cosplayers galore. We encourage you to watch our videos and look through photos from past shows.


Do celebrities attend the event?

Yes. We invite “geek-certified” celebrities to present awards as well as attend the event. This is how we are able to pull in media impressions in the billions!


Can I get my photo with my favorite celebrity?

Though most of our guests are super nice and do like to mingle, we do not control what they do. Our guests ultimately decide whether or not they want to interact with the crowd, and we ask that you respect their privacy and choices. Please keep in mind that guests often have PR teams who make these decisions on their behalf.


Do nominees get tickets to the show and preferred seating?

Each nominee is given two (2) tickets to the event with preferred seating. Additional tickets can be purchased when ticket sales open.


What if I want to invite my family or friends? Can we all sit together?

Due to the size of our event, we do our best to seat parties together; however, we cannot make promises. 


Do cover travel and lodging for nominees?

We do not cover guest expenses at this time; however, as we get closer to the show date we may be able to offer discounts on lodging through sponsor hotels.


What if I am nominated, but not able to attend?

We encourage nominees to attend in person or send a representative in their place. We ask all representatives to have speeches ready in the case the project wins.


Yikes! I’ve never been on a red carpet! What do I do?

Nominees will need to provide our PR team with photos of themselves and short bios—this information is given to the press on “tip sheets,” so outlets know who you are when you arrive on our red carpet. Then it’s up to you to smile, pose and be interviewed!


How do I get my photos/videos from the red carpet?

Our team will provide you with any in-house photos taken of you, as well as links to show clips, when available (about a week after the show). We do not have control over any outside press and what they choose to publish regarding our event, including photos and videos. It is up to each guest to contact specific press to acquire that media. 


What do I wear to the show?

We’re geeks, anything goes! We allow anything from formal attire to cosplay. 



Additional Information

Why do I have to register and create an account?

When you enter our submission system, you will have to create an account. This is how we obtain your basic information for the contest, such as your name and contact details (these will remain private). You’re also able to save your entry progress at any time, and your login details give you access to return at a later date to pay and submit. 


Why do you want my Twitter, Facebook, and other social media site details?

Though this information is not required, we want to promote you and your work on our social networks. So, we ask you to, optionally, provide these links. Sharing and cross-promoting of all our entrants’ work is part of what will make The Geekie Awards so special. We are here to promote YOU.


Who runs The Geekie Awards? 

The Geekie Awards is a competition and production organized by The Geekie Awards, LLC. An independent panel of expert judges score entries for the show. Say hello to the core team and out judges!




If the information above wasn’t helpful, please contact us with any additional questions you may have.