Crix Lee


Cricket “Crix” Lee is a gaming journalist/actor/Star Wars Fangirl and on-air host (GirlGamerTV) who currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at; is a Host (The Bloodcast) and daily columnist for; staff writer for and a correspondent for Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report.

Within 4 years of moving to Los Angeles from Idaho, Lee has interviewed the likes of Alan Tudyk, Mike Judge, Michael Rooker, Mila Kunis, Mark Ecko, Thomas Jane, Jennifer Hale, Aisha Tyler and beyond.

Lee has been in the Xbox Gamer Spotlight; appeared in and Cupcake Quarterly magazine (as part of their “Freaks and Geeks” issue); interviewed for documentaries and served on panels at WonderCon (as part of GGC) and San Diego Comic-Con for three glorious minutes as part of Chris Gore’s PODCrash.

With a HUGE love for [adult swim], Lee also enjoys horror movies, MAD Magazine, the Archie Comics universe, first and third-person shooters (with hopes to voice a game someday) has a webseries in development with comedian Sax Carr (Batgirl: Spoiled) and about 500 other irons in the fire, as a good geek should.

For more info, you can check out her imdb ( or find her lurking on Twitter (@crixlee).